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SunButter is a nationally distributed nut-butter made in Fargo, North Dakota.

SunButter Snack Time


What we did: Edit, Motion Design.

SunButter Sunflower Seed Butter needed a video to help raise brand awareness in the nut butter space. Their main demographic are mothers with school-aged children. We created a fun stop-motion video to help explain what the product is along with benefits. Take a seat and grab a snack as you watch this deliciously fresh video.

Who Ate The SunButter


What we did: Concept, Script, Shoot, Edit, Motion Design.

Three suspects, an empty jar of SunButter and one angry mom who wants to know “who ate the SunButter!” SunButter wanted a video that would engage with moms while being on brand with their overall style.


SunButter Recipe Video


What we did: Shoot, Edit, Motion Design

Recipe videos are all the rage and SunButter wanted to get in on the snacktion. We created countless recipe videos for SunButter and here is one of our favorites. After school snacks for moms to make their hungry kids that was healthy and delicious.